Fri 8.4. - Sun 17.4.2011 Try Your Hand in Random Poetry!

Sattumaruno 2

Allowing chance or play guide one’s writing has long traditions that go back to the surrealists and the Dadaists. This week random poetry is created in libraries using lucky numbers. Pick up a poem card at the reception desk, follow the instructions and marvel at the poetry created by combining content from encyclopaedias, picture books, suspense novels and periodicals.

This week a group of creative writing students will be working in the library. Keep your eyes open, poems written using random methods might be found inside a novel, an encyclopedia or the newspaper!

Concept Meiju Niskala. Assistant Meiju Lampinen. Production Benny Majabacka / Turku365 Outdoor Department. Photos Lilli Haapala.

Random poetry in the main library of Turku (click to enlanrge)