Tue 1.2. - Sun 6.2.2011 Travel Art to an Unknown Friend


Local bus operator Muurinen’s buses on lines 1, 32 and 42 were the hotspots of travel art in February. Citizens could pick up a travel art card from the bus seat and let the pencil track the twists and turns of their itinerary.

How did the art behave in traffic lights? How did a cobblestone street reproduce on the paper? Did the art become more impressionistic towards the weekend? Check out the gallery below!

Cards produced in our great travel art experiment were distributed to old-age homes, random mailboxes and single apartments on Valentine’s Day.

Concept Meiju Niskala. Assistant Meiju Lampinen. Production Anssi Paukkunen / Turku365 Outdoor Department. Photos Tuukka Kaila, Anssi Paukkunen and Johanna Salmela.

Travel Art pictures (click to enlanrge)

  • Bussi2 A traveling artist
  • Kortit Travel art cards
  • boksien kasa A pile of boxes
  • kuva2 Pens? Check!
  • kuva3 Ready for art
  • kuva4 A close-up of a travel art box
  • kuva5 A warm welcome
  • kuva6 Yippee!
  • kuva7 Young artists
  • kuva8 Making travel art is fun!

Travel Art gallery (click to enlanrge)

  • Aapotti Aapotti
  • Aarrekartta Treasure Map
  • Akku loppu Battery Low
  • Antarctica Antarctica
  • Aurinkoinen Sunny
  • Bootsit Boots
  • Brand new world Brand New World
  • Brunssi Brunch
  • Hyva¦ê kuski Good Driver
  • Kolibri Hummingbird
  • Koulumatka School Trip
  • Kyna¦ê rikki Pen Out of Order
  • Lauantaiaamu Saturday Morning
  • Lintuni, lenna¦ê! Fly, My Bird, Fly!
  • Lumimiehen luomat pingviininpoikaset Baby Penguins Made by a Snowman
  • Messuha¦êssa¦êkka¦ê Trade Exhibition
  • Po¦êrro¦ê ja ta¦êhti Fluffy and Star
  • Speden spelit Speden Spelit
  • Taide Art