Mon 6.6. - Sun 12.6.2011 Riverside Nap Pillows


For one week in June everyone could allow themselves to sit down on riverside benches, rest their head on a pillow, marvel at cumulus clouds that formed lovely shapes resembling cabbages and dragons – or simply close their eyes and listen to the sounds of the early summer. Members of the handicraft workshop of the association of the unemployed in Salo collaborated with the Art Clinic to produce a week-long performance that could be experienced on a stretch of two kilometres and almost one hundred benches by the Aurajoki river. At the end of the week the patchwork pillows were given to inhabitants of Turku who wanted to welcome some leisurely peace and quiet into their homes. On June 16, the performance (with new pillows) moved to the riverside benches of Salo, the nearby hometown of the Art Clinic team.

Concept and direction Meiju Niskala. Assistant Meiju Lampinen. Production Emmi Kantonen / Turku365 Art Clinic. Photos Tuukka Kaila and Karoliina Knuuti.

We want to thank Marimekko for the lovely fabrics and Newtop for print work!

The artwork was a production of Art Clinic, where groups and private individuals created public urban artworks tailored for their personal skills and interests.

Nap pillows in use (click to enlanrge)

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