Mon 21.2. - Sun 27.2.2011 Ode to Waiting

Saarni ja Tumppi

“Oh wait for the coffee to drip through; wait for the green light to light. Then there’s the early morning queue, then your children have a fight.”

The Art Clinic brought it’s first production right to the middle of downtown Turku in February 2011.

Step inside an old telephone booth and don’t forget to breathe. Read the instructions, call the toll-free number and enjoy a soundscape designed for waiting.”

This first production of the Art Clinic was a play created by the 15-year-old Saarni Mäntynen. Saarni’s mentor in creating Ode to Waiting was Tuomas Norvio, a collaborator with Rinneradio. You could listen to their Ode to Waiting by calling from your own mobile phone, standing in an old telephone booth in the middle of the Market Square in Turku.

Concept and directing Meiju Niskala. Assistant Meiju Lampinen. Production Emmi Kantonen / Turku365 Art Clinic. Photos Tuukka Kaila.

Lyrics Saarni Mäntynen, music Tuomas Norvio.

The artwork was a production of Turku365 Art Clinic, where groups and private individuals created public urban artworks tailored for their personal skills and interests.

The making of Ode to Waiting (click to enlanrge)

  • Kuljetus Fiskarsista The old telephone booth traveled...
  • Koppi ilmassa A flying phone booth
  • Emmi ja Meiju teippaa Professional taping
  • Koppi4 Pretty booth ready for the premi...
  • KoppiAvajaiset Ode to Waiting - the premiere
  • Koppi5 Saarni, the artist herself, maki...
  • Saarni ja Tumppi Saarni with Tuomas Norvio
  • SaarniTumppiMeiju Saarni, Tuomas and Meiju
  • Kiikurit soittaa Everybody calling
  • Maljojen nosto A toast to art

Teoksen kuvat (click to enlanrge)

  • teoskuva01 Caller no. 1
  • teoskuva02 Caller no. 2
  • teoskuva03 Caller no. 3
  • teoskuva04 Caller no. 4
  • teoskuva05 Caller no. 5
  • teoskuva06 Caller no. 6
  • teoskuva07 Caller no. 7
  • teoskuva08 Caller no. 8
  • teoskuva09 Caller no. 9
  • teoskuva10 Caller no. 10