Mon 4.4. - Thu 7.4.2011 In Praise of Office Employees


Is there somebody in your place of work who always washes everyone else’s coffee cups without a word of thanks, or seems to spend his or her every vacation ill? Someone whose computer always tends to crash at the critical moment?

In February 2011 the citizens of Turku were asked to report their colleagues in need of some cheering up. Reports were given to our Turku365 hotline by phone or using our online tip-off form. This second production by the Art Clinic was carried out by the Aurajoki Official Singers’ Group, who composed personalised songs of praise to seven individuals exposed by their co-workers. The songs were performed during working hours with the entire office surprised with polyphonic singing and cakes. Six of the songs were performed in April and one in October 2011. Few hard workers also received a letter and a cd with a song made for them as a suprise.

Place: several offices and institutions

Concept and direction Meiju Niskala. Assistant Meiju Lampinen. Composition, adaption and directing of the songs Kari Mäkiranta, lyrics Timo Väntsi. Production Emmi Kantonen / Turku365 Art Clinic. Photos Lilli Haapala and Anna-Sofia Sysser.

Choir: Aurajoki Official Singers’ Group

The artwork was a production of Art Clinic, where groups and private individuals created public urban artworks tailored for their personal skills and interests.

Praising office employees (click to enlanrge)

  • MG_73761-560x400 Aurajoki Official Singers’ Group...
  • Kipsipolille-parijonossa-560x398 In Turku city hospital
  • IMG_2008-560x420 A song for Matti
  • Kipsipoli-laulamassa-Matille-560x372
  • Kipsipoli-matti-ja-meijut-560x372 A rose and a tiger cake for Matt...
  • kuoro-ja-matti-560x372
  • MG_6921-560x373 We interrupted a meeting at Turk...
  • MG_6975-560x373 Megum has worked for the same pl...
  • MG_6985-560x373
  • MG_6996-560x441
  • MG_7017-560x373 The song "Public servant&qu...
  • MG_7209-560x373 At the lobby of the tax office
  • MG_7225-560x422 One of the praised ones, Johanna...
  • MG_7239-560x373 Leena, a dutiful and friendly of...
  • MG_7260-560x336 "They dance with the tax fo...
  • MG_7262-560x436 Birgitta, the mother figure of t...
  • MG_7315-560x373
  • MG_7891-560x405 In Sirkkala day center Orvokki w...
  • MG_7914-560x373
  • MG_7922-560x373
  • MG_7929-560x372
  • MG_7936-560x373
  • MG_7953-560x373
  • MG_7964-560x373
  • MG_8032-560x373 At Turku 2011 Foundation
  • MG_8043-560x373 The praised employer is found!
  • MG_8055-560x402
  • MG_8067-560x560
  • MG_8104-560x359
  • MG_8107-560x373
  • MG_8131-560x373
  • MG_8132-560x373
  • MG_8167-560x373
  • MG_8172-560x373
  • MG_8198-560x373
  • MG_8210-560x393 At Turku real-estate company
  • MG_8216-560x448 Gitta is the praised one!
  • MG_8231-373x560
  • MG_8243-560x420
  • MG_8248-560x373
  • MG_68801-560x373
  • MG_69551-560x373
  • MG_74671-560x367